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Criminal Law

5/10/2011. Adultery Law in Colorado.

04/24/2010. Wisconsin Next. Colorado's prison population continues to climb.

02/27/2010. Prisons 2010. Colorado's continuing problem of over-incarceration.

10/25/2009. Medical Marijuana.

3/8/2009. Bad old forfeiture law is attempting a comeback.

10/4/2008. Can the Democrats Roll a Six on Election Day? Plus, some unexpected results of Amendment 53, on corporate officer criminal liability.

4/5/2008. Adultery.

2/5/2008. Prisoners.

5/24/2007. Theft Penalties, Landscape Architects, Rookies in the Legislature.

1/20/2007. Prisons 2007.

7/12/2006. Felony Crimes. The need to reduce lengthy prison sentences for low-level theft.

2/8/2006. Prison Costs.

10/19/2005. Make My Day.

Drunk driving, and alcohol tastings.


Grand juries and escort services. University of Colorado.

9/19/2003 New criminal laws for 2003

7/4/2003 Sodomy laws struck down in Colorado earlier than in U.S. and adultery and fornication laws (history)

7/5/2002 Death penalty decision Sen. Powers death penalty for aggravated circumstances mitigating tie overturned in special session

6/14/2002 Forfeiture bill HB 1404 signed into law

4/17/2002 HB 1404 Forfeiture, what about the victim

7/4/2001 Freeing sex offenders. Wrong to blame legislature since nobody reads bills. Role of District Attorney lobbyists in disaster.

7/13/2000 Denver Confiscation Law May Meet its Match

5/17/2000 Forfeiture Laws Harm Crime Victims 

4/21/2000 Death penalty in Colorado and the country

12/3/1999 Legislative fight 10 years ago on hazardous waste investigation between health dept. and attorney general.

8/13/1999 Ignoring powder keg of crowding at Denver city jail

5/21/1999 Drug Dealers Liability act probably unconstitutional. History of previous drug dealer stamp tax.

4/2/1999 SB 106 to end hazing of students

12/25/1998 Gov. Owens and Correction Policy; history of inmate increase

6/28/1998 Letter to the editor of  Greater Park Hill News, regarding nuisance law

6/12/1998 Denver's terrible Nuisance Abatement law.

5/22/1998 Legislative wrap-up. Chlouber ruling on genital mutilation addition to bill

5/8/1998 Legislative initiative against marijuana proposal

2/27/1998 HB 1138. Expanding Make My Day Law to unknowing trespass and review of original law as written by Prof. Wilbanks. How court cleared former Rep. David Bath under 18-6-403

10/24/1997 Personal experience with "car stripping"/ and why police get a bad reputation for solving crimes

6/27/1997 Adultery in Colorado not a crime: How it came about

2/3/1996 Make My Day revisited: Ten years after. 2/10/1996 Make My Day: Part 2: Review of study of 22 cases

4/14/1995 Who was the youngest legislator? Adultery and the law.

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