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Constitutions: Colorado and United States

4/11/2009. Constitutional Mini-Convention.

12/13/2008. Vote Trading. The constitutional ban on vote trading in the state legislature, and its implications for reciprocal withdrawal of ballot initiatives. Plus a tribute to Jean Tool.

10/4/2008. Can the Democrats Roll a Six on Election Day? Plus, some unexpected results of Amendment 53, on corporate officer criminal liability.

9/20/2008. Casino Amendment in Full of Hidden Tricks.

9/18/2008. Amendment 50: Casino Money Won't Help Schools.

7/21/2008. 25 to 21. Changing the minimum age for state legislators.

7/6/2008. Term Limits 2008.

4/7/2007. Amendment 41 Developments.

2/17/2007. Whistleblower 2007. Plus Amendment 41.

2/8/2007. A new approach to Amendment 41.

5/31/2006. Obsolete Constitutional Provisions.

4/25/2006. Initiatives and Referenda.

1/2/2006. Blue Book abuse. Court of Appeals ignores Constitution, and allows the legislature to tamper with the election Blue Book.

11/6/2005. TABOR lawsuits.

8/14/2005 Abuse of the Safety Clause in legislation

7/1/2005 Flag-burning amendment. Colorado state quarter.

11/14/2003 GAVEL transformed into poison pill

10/29/2003 History of women suffrage in Colorado.

10/4/2002 Obsolete sections Term limit controversy

10/2002. Debate at Montview Presbyterian Church on Referendum D, obsolete constitutional language.

7/5/2002 Death penalty decision Sen. Powers death penalty for aggravated circumstances mitigating tie overturned in special session.

8/20/2001 Woman's Suffrage becomes part of U.S. constitution thanks to Tennessee State Rep. Harry Burn.

8/8/2001 Flag desecration and Colorado history.

9/17/00 Religious Liberty Protection Act in Congress. Will it affect state fair housing law?

5/26/2000 Unconstitutional law on marriage, single subject rule history in state.

3/31/2000 Term limits for Denver Council meembers upheld.

3/24/2000 SCR 5 eliminates obsolete constitutional language.

9/3/1999 Unconstitutional statute on Denver School Board elections.

8/20/1999 Judge Sparr rules portions of Amendment 15 unconstitutional.

5/21/1999 Drug Dealers Liability act probably unconstitutional. History of previous drug dealer stamp tax. Bill against administrative law judges.

3/26/1999 Fair Campaign Practices Act, Amendment 15, in fed district court, background and predictions.

1/1999. Term limits rob legislature of experience.

12/11/1998 Impeachment, Colorado style vs federal law.

7/3/1998 History of Initiative and Referendum and how it applies today with lack of safety clause; some bills that could be challenged.

5/1/1998 Safety Clause losing ground on legislative bills.

1/30/1998 Term Limit Amendment 12 is unconstitutional. Leo Jenkins biography.

8/30/1996 Referendum A, the 60 percent requirement for const. amendment.

9/6/1996 Petition amendment is a rewrite of Bruce's 1994 attempt.

5/23/1996 Use of safety clause declines.

1/20/1995 Single subject requirement vs. bill on obsolete laws: Supreme Court decision on 1987 law.




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