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Sunrise/Sunset and Occupational Licensing

6/17/2011. Update on legislative bills (and also about me). Roofing, private investigators, mental health workers.

4/17/2011. Roofing Contractors.

3/28/2011. Mental Health Board.

3/19/2011. Private Investigators. The push for occupational licensing.

2/4/2011. Can Unlicensed Psychotherapists Claim They're Registered by the State?

04/50/2010. Morgan Smith and the history of the Colorado legislature. Increase in required education for CPAs.

01/09/2010. Knock on Doors; advice for legislative candidates. Plus: What the Department of Regulatory Agencies could do regarding medical marijuana dispensaries.

12/5/2009. Changes in Medical Licensing.

11/25/2009. Obesity Statute.

11/22/2009. Mixed Martial Arts Regulation.

11/7/2009. Accounting Education.

8/30/2009. Sign Language.

6/14/2009. Mortuaries and Naturopaths.

1/26/2009. Car Dealer Franchise Laws. How the legislature gives franchisees unfair power.

1/19/2009. Chiropractor Regulation, Sunset Review.

12/13/2008. Guilty Nurses. Regulations for nurses give them the near-impossible burden of proving that they are not alcohol or drug addicts. Other foolish regulations also contribute to the shortage of nurses.

12/6/2008. Pet Regulations. The need to upgrade the inspection system for Colorado's pet industry.

11/15/2008. Hair Braiders. Plans for unnecessary regulation of Hair Braiders, Human Trackers, and Solar Electric Installers.

11/9/2008. Notary Public. Efforts to pick the pockets of notaries, through excessive requirements for bonding.

6/8/2008. Mortuary Licensing Refuses to Die.

5/13/08. Dog Massage Therapy.

3/22/08. Occupational Therapists.

3/1/2008. Massaging Animals, and regulatory control thereof.

1/14/2008. Funeral Bill 2008.

12/12/2007. Advisory Boards to Abolish.

10/27/2007. Mortuary Licensing and Debbie Stafford's Party Switch.

9/28/2007. Sunrise Reviews.

7/11/2007. DORA 2007.

5/24/2007. Theft Penalties, Landscape Architects, Rookies in the Legislature.

5/18/2007. Mortuary Licensing.

3/14/2007. Naturopath 2007.

1/13/2007. Security Guards.

3/13/2006 Athlete agents.

2/25/2006. Sunset 2006.

12/27/2005. Burglar alarm installer regulation.

12/7/2005. Landscape Architect Licensing.

11/23/2005 Regulation of Naturopathics.

10/30/2005. DORA Regulations 2005.

6/7/2005 Licensing Hair Care Businesses. SB 14

4/8/2005 Security Guards.

2/14/2005. 24 Bills to regulate occupations.

Respiratory Therapists


Mortuary and funeral home regulation.


11/28/2003 Sunrise-Sunset plans for 2004

9/15/2003 What happened to some 2003 bills: outfitters, health information, health dept. powers and duties

6/25/2003 Landscape architects, animal chiropractors.

4/4/2003 Dental bill and continuing education

2/14/2003 Down in the Mouth over Losing Dentists

1/15/2003 Regulating outfitters: Entz vs DORA

1/1/2003 DORA tries to move collection agencies into DORA

6/28/2002 Division of Insurance continuation not passed

12/4/2001 Sunset regulatory reviews for 2002

5/30/2001 Interior designers bill passed. History of how it happened. Lack of oversight.

4/24/2001 History of Sunset and Sunrise laws. Ignoring passenger tramway report by legislature. Older law saved millions.

12/10/2000 DORA report on Alcohol, Drug Abuse counselors for 2000. DORA report on Certified Public Accountants for 2000

11/26/2000 DORA report on debt management companies for 2000

11/27/1998 Regulation of boxing, DORA review, and past history

2/20/1998 Regulating psychotherapists by different boards

8/27/2000 Kopel response to Powers, George letter on five or more Sunset Sunrise occupations

8/6/2000 George, Powers claim Kopel wrong on Sunset occupations

4/9/2000 More new regulatory occupation bills introduced in violation of law

3/31/2000 Addiction counselors licensing law killed

1/22/2000 Naturopaths seek regulation (other alternative treatments)

5/1/1998 Response by Kopel to Brian article on Psychotherapy Board

4/3/1998 DORA research office reports are ignored. Bingo, PUC, Grievance Board, Motor vehicle dealer licensing

1/23/1998 Regulation of electricians. Fire suppression contractors.

11/28/1997 State Grievance Board to be dismantled by psychotherapists

3/28/1997 Kopel response to Brian letter on psychotherapy regulation.

2/28/1997 Psychologists and Social Workers try to get out from under State Grievance Board: History of Grievance Board

2/7/1997 HVACR bill and why it isn't needed, HB 1062.  HB 1121 to regulate and license boxing

1/10/1997 Congress Sucker Punches Colorado. Boxing regulation. Rocky Mountain News.

12/6/1996 Legalized thievery in credit insurance charges in bill

2/16/1996 Sunset of the Sunrise/Sunset committee

12/30/1995 Leaking Underground Storage Tank review

12/23/1995 Plans for a boxing commission law

11/17/1995 Nursery law against bad plants to be changed

10/20/1995 Sunrise-Sunset Advisory Committees killed

2/17/1995 Respiratory Therapists

10/14/1994  Nurses and Mandatory Continuing Education

8/25/1994  Hearing aid dealers

8/20/1993 Sexual abuse by psychotherapists

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